At  Pasture Fresh  we utilize guard dogs for flock protection. They are Great Pyranees dogs who originated in Europe and are natural livestock guardians. They are natural livestock guardians that originated in Europe. They are a good fit to our farm as they work hard day and night. This is what allows our girls to live outside without a worry.
Our Pasture Fresh girls live the lucky life. Some houses move and some do not but our girls are never confined indoors.  Each house is equipped with adequate perching and nesting space to accommodate all of our happy ladies and make sure they are humanely raised. They go outside to enjoy eating, grazing and dusting in the beautiful sunlight.
Pasture Fresh girls are certified organic, humanely raised and graze our pasture year round. From the time that they are grown they move to the pasture. With constant access to the outdoors, they have the ability to jump, run and fly.  They have vegetation to forage each day as they wander our fields and scratch and dig for bugs. 
Pasture Fresh is ta 6 generation, Marin County, family farm.  Our eggs are gently hand gathered from nests daily. Our children are growing up with with an active roll on our farm and especially love working with the chickens and helping to gather Pasture Fresh Eggs.
Our ladies naturally lay a different tones and shaped egg. This gives our carton a unique image that is not typically found in the grocery store. This is the way nature intended it to be; for each Pasture Fresh lady to have her own identity.
Pasture Fresh Eggs
​NO antibiotics or hormones ever​