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Our family history has led us to where we are today.  It is a story of deep heritage that makes us proud of who we are. We are layers of dairy farmers, one generation after another, family after family. It began in 1880 and today the fifth generation dairyman, Neil McIsaac III manages the family  farm.

In 1877 Neil X McIsaac emigrated from Novis Scotia Canada to the United States. His ancestry traces back to Scotland. He ended up in Marin County at a little “Whistle Stop” town called Olema. He purchased his first ranch bla bla bla.

Simultaneously, Guseppie Candoni traveled on the xxx ship in 1876 from the canton of Ticino in Switzerland destined for the lush agriculture land, just miles above the growing city of Sand Francisco, Marin County. Guseppie purchased his first ranch in Olema also. Nearly 100 years later their great grandson Neil Jr. and his wife Denise began their own farm, on the Sonoma-Marin County line, near Tomales in 1973. Purchased as an existing Jersey and cross-bred herd, Neil had quite the task before him. Over the years Neil was active on the local school board, California Gold Coop, Western United Dairymen and held other influential positions. His herd size doubled and then doubled again. He emphasized genetics and believed strongly on improving his herd by being progressive with sire selection. He chose bulls with outstanding type and high milk and components. The herd was known throughout the county for outstanding production. Over the last 30 years the herd ranked in the top 10 for production xx times. Neil implemented a computer program for animal record keeping in the early 1980s. Many households still did not have a computer at that time, let alone on dairies to keep track of their cows. In 2000 the herd began shipping their milk to a local Petaluma creamery named Clover Stornetta Farms. Clover has high quality standards as well as being animal and environmentally friendly. The farm participates in local and state environmental programs and a local conservation program called Marin Agriculture Land Trust. MALT is an organization that preserves Marin County landscape and agriculture production for future generations.

After the family has farmed throughout Marin County, Neil III and his wife, Jessica, are happy to be settled on the family ranch in Tomales, California. Neil has spent his life working along side his father. Coincidentally Jessica also grew up in agriculture. Receiving a B.S. from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo she has gained a broad range of dairy industry experience. During their youth both were active in 4-H and FFA. Today they volunteer their time as leaders to their local 4-H club. Neil manages the land, feed and employees. Additionally, Neil hauls hay for the business from Oregon and the Central Valley. Jessica works on organic and environmental regulations, pedigree records, and human resources. Together they manage the animals.

With their three children, Neil’s older son Harrison and twin boys Hayden and Hunter, this family business  has 350 milking Holstein cows and 1500 organic pullets that graze their rolling hills. Farming is a passion of the McIsaac family. It is more than a job; it is a life style, a way of life. It is their pleasure to produce quality products from healthy and happy animals.

"We are proud to be a part of Clover Stornetta Farms and Red Hill Farms where we share ideals about family, humane animal husbandry and sustainability of the l
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