It starts with a story about a small family farm. Where we have been farming the lush, fertile fields of Sonoma and Marin counties for generations. A family with common interests in sustainable farming practices and humane animal values. There, tucked in the rolling hills, are small chicken coops allowing our lucky girls to roam and graze our organic pastures.

Pasture Fresh Eggs farms produce delicious and nutritious eggs because of their unique farming style and high standards. Our ladies are always on pasture and never given antibiotics or hormones. Our pastures are rotated and planted allowing for added growth of lush grasses. Our ladies are allowed to graze on grasses and feeds that are naturally higher in Omega-3s producing an egg that is naturally higher in Omega-3s. It is exciting to see nature work in harmony. Pasture feeding of hens has been shown to significantly increase the vitamin E content of their eggs. In a recent study comparing caged hens to hens foraging on grasses and legumes, vitamin E in the yolk of eggs from hens who foraged on pasture was about 200% greater than vitamin E in the yolk of eggs from caged hens. Interestingly, hens that foraged more on grasses than legumes developed about 25% more vitamin E in their eggs. Vitamin E has been known to cause a strong immunity and healthy skin and eyes. Hens, of course, are omnivores and eat a wide variety of foods, including grasses, legumes, seeds, worms, grubs, and adult insects.

Our humane approach allows them to act in their natural behavior; being able to run, jump fly and roll and dust their bodies in our rich soils for natural skin protection. Their coops allow for ample perching and nesting to lay their eggs. Their eggs are hand gathered daily allowing our farmers to interact with their hens.

Make a conscious decision to start your day the healthy way and choose Pasture Fresh Eggs. Egg protein is a good choice for anyone following a gluten-free and casein-free diet. Eggs are also non-GMO.
McIsaac Family